Elvis Panzera 

Architect and Owner, regB | otia | vsi.asai

Architect and Designer, Scuola Politecnica di Design
Member of vsi.asai
Examiner of Technical Draughtsmen/Women AFC | AI
Trainer of Technical Draughtsmen/Women AFC

Regional President, vsi.asai 2015|2018
Entered into the Swiss Register of Experts in
the Engineering, Architecture and Environmental sectors      | Architect RegB

Architect OTIA

Paola Fasola

Manager and Owner

Business education (IM)
Member of Cafef

Paolo Brenna

Architect and Designer (Technical University) | otia | vsi.asai

Interior architect (Technical University) 
Architect OTIA
Member of vsi.asai
Project Manager | IPMA certification, level D

Lisa Schramm

1st year Vocational Trainee

Trainee draughtswoman in interior architecture design

External collaborative resources

Massimo Cicognani

Architect (Technical University)| otia

Freelance professional architect – Bellinzona

Giovanni Rizzi - Milano


Freelance professional architect

Politecnico di Milano