Elvis Panzera was born in 1977 in Lugano, to a family that originally lived in Malcantone.

Following his degree studies in Lugano and Milan, he joined the architectural practice of the architect Elio Valeggia. He worked with Elio Valeggia for over ten  years until the latter’s death, which was far too early. During this time, he earned the full confidence of the clients.

Thanks to the broad range of the projects on which he was involved, Elvis Panzera acquired outstandingly comprehensive skills and experiences, now enabling him to innovate in his current work.

His own aptitude and interest in architecture paved the way for his entry into the Swiss Register of Architects.

In addition, Elvis Panzera also has a pronounced passion for design. He has received many awards in this area. 

He has pursued his chosen career consistently, with enthusiasm and motivation, but also with confidence in his own abilities. He has now established this separate business (of which he is both member and proprietor) in collaboration with Paola Fasolato.

This joint enterprise supplements the ingenuity and creativity of the architect with professional management.

The team upon which he has based his business is completed by interior architect Paolo Brenna. In addition to his professional achievements, Paolo is also renowned for his career in sport.

The office in Lugano also employs a 3rd year trainee draughtswoman.
In addition, the team calls upon external collaborators such as the architect Massimo Cicognani in Bellinzona and architect Giovanni Rizzi in Milan, as and when required.

We help our clients find the best possible solution for all their requirements – whether these relate to structural, facility-specific or commercial aspects, to design or conception, to the careful choice of materials or to any innovations available on the market.